Our students were again taking part on English competition held by the English Society of Lampung University amid this November. Those we participated in were speech, news casting and poster design. Speech and news casting-wise were held in two rounds namely preliminary and final round. Thanks God, two of our students namely Widiya Dwi Handayani (10 IPA 3) in speech and Desni Hafifah (11 IPA 1) in news casting went on to the final round. However unfortunately, Widiya had to be eliminated on this round. Gratefully, we appreciate for the best stuff which has been presented to the school by her as well as other participants who have not succeed on this competition.
Meanwhile, competing with 46 students from several schools in and outside Lampung on preliminary round, Desni Hafifah succeeded to become one of the 10 finalists who would then compete on final round. On the final stage, the participants were supposed to present a live report news which had to be sent to the committee in 24 hours since it was announced. And, there we go. She came to be the second winner on the competition. What an amazing achievement! Congrats to Desni and SMANSASEBA. We hope this achievement would encourage other students to be more motivated in learning and acquiring what has become their passion. Check the videos out below!

Speech Widiya_Preliminary round: https://youtu.be/N327T6tdHA8

News Casting Karenina_Preliminary round: https://youtu.be/U7_PG4hEVIg

News Casting Desni_Preliminary Round: https://youtu.be/7VltH6dJ5G8

News Casting Desni_Final Round: https://youtu.be/x8RMWzWTryI

Karenina Mutiara Antoni, News Cast
Desni Hafifah, Nws Cast
Widiya Dwi Handayani, Speech
Riyan, Angel, Ghaidah, Diana; Poster Design

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